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Democracy Now! Thursday, December 6, 2001

Published December 6, 2001

Democracy Now! television program for Thursday, December 6, 2001

The FBI Catches Fugitive and Self-Described "Anti-Abortion Warrior" Clayton Waagner After Heclaims Responsibility for Hundreds of Anthrax Threats Mailed to Women's Health Facility
Clayton Lee Waagner, the fugitive sought in a nationwide wave of hundreds of anthrax threats against abortionclinics, was arrested today by federal agents after an employee at a photocopy store recognized him from a wantedposter.

Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy, Brussels
In an agreement described variously as “historic”, “remarkable” and “miraculous”, four Afghan delegations agreed inBonn to set up the interim administration under the auspices of the United Nations to end more than 20 years of warin Afghanistan.

New Jersey Judge and School Board Jail Over 130 Teachers for Striking
More than 130 striking teachers from Middletown, New Jersey have been jailed this week for disobeying a back to workorder.

Dozens of Palestinian Riot Police Armed with Batons and Shields Fired Tear Gas at Thousandsof People Protesting the House Arrest of Hamas Leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin; Police Kill at Least Onepalestinia
Today in the Gaza strip, dozens of Palestinian riot police armed with batons and shields fired tear gas at thousandsof people protesting the house arrest of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Police killed at least one Palestinian.

CIA Officers Sue Agency for "Abuse of Power," Alleging a Cover-Up in the 1999 Accidentalbombing of China's Embassy in Belgrade
A group of CIA officers has brought a class-action suit against the agency alleging abuse of power against employees,including the cover-up of mistakes leading to the accidental US bombing of China’s embassy in Belgrade in 1999, forwhich several lower-ranking employees were blamed.

The Bush Administration Is Out of Step with As Much As 79 Percent of the American Public. The Majority of Americans Support Mandatory Inspections of Possible Bioweapons Facilities
According to a poll released last week, the Bush Administration is out of step with as much as 79 percent of theAmerican public. At least with regard to the Biological Weapons Convention, which is currently under discussion at areview conference in Geneva, the government and its people are in strong disagreement, with the majority of Americanssupporting mandatory inspections of possible bioweapons facilities. The Administration, by contrast, opposes them.

Candle Light March to End Child Labor and Sweatshop Abuses
Last night was the National Labor Committee’s 5th annual Holiday Season of Conscience in New York, and thousands ofstudents and workers gathered to hold a vigil against sweatshop labor conditions. The New York Labor-ReligionCoalition, workers from the unions UNITE and United Steelworkers of America, New York area high school students, andthe Committee Against Labor Exploitation marched from Niketown to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

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